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2015 Annual Report

The Annual Reports provide detailed information about the development of the Audi Group’s business, its earnings, assets and finances. The Annual Report is composed of a magazine and a financial part.

With production and deliveries at new record levels the Audi Group maintained its successful course of growth in the 2015 fiscal year. In addition, the operating return on sales of 8.3 percent was within the strategic target corridor of eight to ten percent.

All information about the progress of the Audi Group in the 2015 fiscal year and about the key financial figures is available to you in the financial section of our latest Annual Report.

Accompany us in the magazine section of the Audi 2015 Annual Report on a journey through the world of Audi. Find out more about the fascination of the brand in emotional stories, movies and pictures. Feel what drives us to shape the future.

2015 Annual Report

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