This is how your Audi stays genuine:

Audi Genuine Parts

Every new chapter of life is a new challenge. Your Audi is always part of it. If it needs exchange parts, we recommend the use of Audi Genuine Parts:

  •  Offer the same quality standard as the constituent parts used during the manufacture of the vehicle
  • Ensure coordinated interaction between all vehicle parts
  • Guarantee the highest possible level of safety through excellent performance and reliability
  • Parts are still available for up to 15 years once a model goes out of production
  • Are devoted to keeping you on the road thanks to their high-quality design and reliability
  • Always reflect the current state of the art technology because they are also adapted in line with technical innovations that affect Audi models
  • Prevent damage to paintwork, plastic and rubber components in your Audi as well as metal corrosion due to their compatibility with other materials